Finding An Inner Observer to Our Spiritual Connection

angelpicWe have many parts of our selves, operating at many levels observing what is happening at a physical, emotional, persona and spiritual level.  Part of staying sane in this day and age is about learning to ‘watch ourselves in action’ from an objective space, watching our dialogues, our ‘reactions to others’, learning about the many ‘i’s within that are viewed as our automatic and mechanical behaviors.  We speak as if we are totally unified as an ‘I’ however the truth is we are so divided up into many parts, day after day, minute by minute.

Levels of the 4 objective states of observation:

  • lowest level/1st level is body awareness, observing what the body is doing without judgement.
  • second level is observing our emotional reactions to others and to our individual actions at an objective observant level.
  • third level is to observe from a higher mental state our persona/mask/personality and how ‘it’ becomes adapted to our surroundings.
  • fourth level is a spiritual observer that is speaking to us with an ‘understanding data’ from higher being parts of us.

Connecting to these observers within demands that we ‘silence our thoughts’ at least a few times a day in quietude….or chaos and change is never ending.




Author: gwynnemayerblog

Educator, Psychotherapist and facilitator for the Theosophical Society in America. Proficient in Jungian Psychology, Gestalt therapy, Theosophy, Astrology and Ancient Wisdoms.

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