The Collective Shadow

We are seeing our projections of society and what it should and shouldn’t be in our inner world right now, as we think that all is dark in the political arena, when we haven’t handled the darkness, the racism and hatred at our inner levels….The work we must do as individuals is face our deepest fears and see how we perpetuate these over and over again by refusing to believe they originate within rather than ‘out there’.  Some will find this offensive to think about and that is exactly who needs to realize that our culture is projecting out all sorts of horrific conclusions about other people, religions and cultures rather than cleaning up our own mess and rising to the occasion to raise our consciousness.  It is hard work and it is all a part of our individual struggle.Image result for collective shadow pic

Author: gwynnemayerblog

Educator, Psychotherapist and facilitator for the Theosophical Society in America. Proficient in Jungian Psychology, Gestalt therapy, Theosophy, Astrology and Ancient Wisdoms.

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