Feeling Peace Through Consciousness

We are going through some very chaotic times and must stop and smell the roses, or better yet realize what affect we can have on our environment by listening to the small voice within.  Taking care of self first and foremost is something that will feed your consciousness in ways that allow ‘spiritual vibrations’ to enter your awareness.  Being still, meditating and being aware of your surroundings takes a sort of vigilance that we may have left behind in our hurried, busy schedules.  Take time for yourself in the next two weeks and start the New Year out in ways that reflects your full awareness and response ability not your re actions and emotional turmoil.  Remember that your environment is reflecting back to you what you are projecting outwardly.  Take care and listen, be compassionate, be informed and above all take care of your body, mind and soul before  trying to be ‘present’ for others.

Author: gwynnemayerblog

Educator, Psychotherapist and facilitator for the Theosophical Society in America. Proficient in Jungian Psychology, Gestalt therapy, Theosophy, Astrology and Ancient Wisdoms.

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